What is digital exclusion and how does it affect people in the UK?

Digital exclusion affects millions in the UK who are unable to access the internet. In this explainer, it will dive into this issue and the things currently being done to get the digitally excluded online.

Photo by Thom on Unsplash
Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash
Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash
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It’s been heart-warming to see the positive impact receiving a smartphone through the Community Calling project has already had on so many people’s lives.

“Being connected to loved ones and accessing essential services is easily taken for granted, but is still not a reality for too many people.

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It’s absolutely critical that everyone — especially those most vulnerable in the pandemic — has the digital access, skills and support they need to live.

“Digital has been a lifeline for all of us during lockdown. People who are locked out of digital are facing impossible challenges.

“We’re ready to work with the Government to invest in our national future. Let’s be world-leaders in digital inclusion — make digital inclusion an economic priority, and act now to fix this together. A Great Digital Catch Up leaves nobody behind.



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