Since his debut in 2007, Sir Lewis Hamilton has set or broken many records in Formula One. Umar Hassan visualises the seven-time F1 World Champion’s career in the championship.

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Umar Hassan sits down with three-time British Touring Car Champion Matt Neal to talk about his career in the championship, rivalry with Jason Plato and first win at Donington Park in 1999.

Credit: Matt Buck for Wikimedia Commons

Umar Hassan profiles seven-time Formula One World Champion Sir Lewis Hamilton’s journey to becoming the first driver in F1 to win 100 Grand Prix races.

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The Sun’s F1 correspondent Ben Hunt sits down with Umar Hassan to discuss how he got into F1, his current job and how young journalists can work their way up the motor racing journalism ladder to cover F1.

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Countries with poor human rights records have been holding motor racing events to airbrush negative coverage and improve the reputation of their country worldwide for the past 20 years. In this explainer, Umar Hassan explains what sportswashing is and why it’s an issue for motor racing.

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More than a decade and a half after the EA Spouse letter was published in 2004, crunch culture is still a big issue in the video game industry. In this explainer, Umar Hassan explores the term and how crunch is used in a development cycle of a video game.

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Digital exclusion affects millions in the UK who are unable to access the internet. In this explainer, it will dive into this issue and the things currently being done to get the digitally excluded online.

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What worked, what elements didn’t work and how could I use some elements in the WaPo’s newsgame in my portfolio.

Credit: Washington Post

Here’s how I would present my special educational needs story that I had written as a video report, which is shown with this BBC Newsnight SEND investigation example.

Credit: BBC Newsnight

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Data Journalist specialising in technology & investigations. Rock n’ roll enthusiast, recovering gamer & fitness addict.

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